Installing win7 OR winXP in SSD on netbook running Atom cpu

:hello: everyone, I need an advice on OS to be put in my new ssd.
I just bought a kingston SSD 64GB and am plan to put it in my ASUS netbook running Intel Atom N455.
My problem is to decide which OS to put in (win7 home premium sp1 32bit or WinXP 32bit) as atom processor is very slow and my netbook only have 2gb of ram.
Any advice is very much appreciated!
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  1. I would put XP based on what you said about the hardware specs. I would imagine you're just using it for surfing/email etc, and you really won't be missing out on anything by not running Win7 on the machine.
  2. Yes, i would mainly use it for surfing/email and some college work like programming.
    Thanks for the advice :)

    Will there be any problem or whatsover putting winXP on a SSD since XP was invented long before ssd is available on market??
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