Anyone Want to Suggest Me Some Parts?

I've got some parts already but I'm quite overwhelmed by what's out there, so I was wondering if anyone would be interested in suggesting a system (I know some people really have fun with this). I'd like a computer with a solid processor that's very OCable. I prefer AMD cuz I'm on a pretty tight budget. What I have already that could carry over:

ATX Full tower case+fans
Hard disks
Soundblaster Soundcard
Wireless USB
CD/DVD Drive

I'm just looking for the best value I can get for my money, thanks ahead of time!
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  1. Whats your budget for it? If you can a 955 and an 890GX board is a good value, if you are a bit tighter on budget you can get an athlon II x3 or x4 they will both do well. If you provide a budget we can suggest specific ones that will do best for you.
  2. I'd like to stay between $300-$500
  3. Any thoughts on getting a Phenom II x3 and just unlocking the fourth core? Costs about the same, maybe a bit more.
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