Iomega external hard drive reading problem on Mac

Been using my Iomega external hard drive for 2 years now, never been a problem with my mac then suddenly it has a pop up message saying " disk you inserted was not readable with this computer".

I've got important files on this hard drive and the idea of formatting it is not what I want to do. Need help please!!
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  1. This sounds like a potentially defective HDD. Have you tried accessing it from another computer? The idea is to isolate the problem as the HDD or the computer (or USB port).

    Please clarify.
  2. Yes, tried it on my imac and my macbook. The light on the HDD is lit so doesn't seem to be a USB problem.
  3. Use Disk Utility to check the health of the drive. Select the drive and use the Verify Disk and/or Repair Disk selections.
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