Best GPU That Doesn't Require PCIe Power


So, I'm getting a hand-me-down computer from my sister. The specs aren't the best, but it'll be much better to game on it than on my laptop (MBP that gets HOT!). The relevant specs:

Intel Pentium Duo E5200 (2.5ghz OC'ed to 2.6ghz)
Foxconn 45GMX 945G
PQI 2GB DDR2 800
Linkworld 430 Watt PSU

There are two things I need to consider:
1) The mobo has a PCIe 1.1 x16 slot (NOT PCIe 2.0)
2) The PSU has no PCIe power cables

So, what's the FASTEST video card I can put in there that won't be too fast for the PCIe 1.1 x16 slot and that requires NO extra PCIe power?

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  1. There's no such thing as a video card powered by SATA. If you mean 6-pin, then the fastest would be the HD5670.
  2. Doh! I meant PCIe power. Sorry! I've been reading computing websites all morning and got my acronyms mixed up! Thank you!

    Keep the suggestions coming!
  3. HD 5670.

    There is no other card.
  4. Agree with 2 people above, HD5670. :)
  5. A 5750 doesn't use more than 75 watts under crysis anyways.
  6. Unfortunately, I doubt so.
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