Adding user to windows make the administrator icon to disappear !


I used the command "net user" to add a new admin user to windows like that:

net user myuser11 myuser11 /add net

localgroup Administrators myuser11 /add

the problem that after restart windows I only see the icon of the "myuser" and the default windows "Administrator" login icon disappeared !!

the "Administrator" files still exists and I can login as "Administrator" after ctrl+alt+del but I need of course to display the "Administrator" icon in welcome screen

how I fix that ?

I use windows xp sp3

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  1. Why *must* the Administrator icon appear? The Administrator account is only intended for emergency purposes. If you need administrative privileges, you should be creating a separate account for those purposes. That's why it's not present by default but still accessible w/ ctrl+alt+del.
  2. Administrator is the default account that I used before
  3. welliam said:
    Administrator is the default account that I used before

    Not a good idea. You should always create a separate account w/ administrative privileges. If you screw up something within the Administrator account, then you leave yourself with no other working option! Leave the Administrator account alone (or at most give it a secure password) and use a separate account. Again, that's why it disappears. It was never intended to be used day to day.
  4. it is created by default after install windows xp sp3, never mind I found now a registry solution

    thanks for your efforts
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