What makes a GPU a "Good GPU" for you?

Curious to see what you guys consider to be a good GPU. Here are the criteria;
Price, Performance, Power Consumption, Heat, Dual-GPU vs Single, Size, Noise, Manufacturer(AIB), someone tell me if I forget any.

Me: Price, Performance, Heat, Noise, Power, AIB, Dual/Single, Size
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  1. Price, Performance are my main considerations. I'd prefer a very fast, single GPU over dual as they are more efficient (i.e. ATI 5850 vs Crossfire 5770).

    Power use to be fairly honest, doesn't really bug me much. I don't leave my PC on, and it's really only on while I'm gaming. All I care about then is performance.

    Noise & Heat are important to me, but aren't my biggest concerns. I want it to run cool enough that it performs well, without turning my room into an oven. Noise wise, you can either move the PC under your desk and turn your speakers up, or just deal with it.

    I have a full tower case with plenty of room in it (intentionally) so size isn't a big issue.
  2. Surely I don't want to spend 100$ more for the card that only 10%-20% faster.
    I don't want a kitchen stove inside my case.
    I would prefer a single card instead of dual cards (CF/SLI).
    Also i don't want a power hungry card, so the monthly bills won't choke me...
  3. Well, I used a mixed up metric round up in one word: "fit".

    It has to have enough juice to suit my visual needs and, at the same time, deliver enough FPS goodness to be smooth @1920x1080:75Hz (and soon, a plasma with 600Hz, lol) at a cheap price.

  4. Price/performance ratio.
  5. Keep in mind, this is if things are close. If something is really bad in a catagory lower on the list, it can still trump the rest.

    Performance, price, noise, power, heat

    It's worth noting, that generally heat will cause a noise problem, and if it's too noisy, no amount of performance will make me use it.
  6. Price- performance-noise-heat-power use.
  7. performance, single GPU, heat
  8. Give me a single hi-perfomance GPU wth lots of on-board number crunching capacity (A min of 1 Gig on-GPU). VRAM-cool beans! Extends the "virtual clock-speed" of you CPU. If your CPU and GPU "fly in formation" and have a large reserve of physical ram (6-10Gigs), then you have the right GPU. Same goes for your PC. :bounce:
  9. Price, Performance, Power consumption and Noise in that order.

    That's why I bought my HD 5850 last year ($280).
  10. Price, performance, noise, heat, power consumption(idle, load i don't care that much) and manufacturer. As for dual cards i do not need/want any. Single card is enough.
    I like the 5770 and 5850. I own 5770, could not afford the 5850 at the time of the purchase. Wish i had one.

    As for size, i own a mid tower case, if it doesn't fit, just move the hard drives, problem solved :).
  11. I think most of you lie :P If Price was the #1 concern, you'd have budget cards. Like 9600gt's or the like.

    I think most people on these forms do see performance as #1, followed by price (it's a big factor too).
  12. Wrong, you try to buy as much as you can with the cash you have. So for that price, witch is the best video card that you can get? That's what the first 2 words i posted above mean, "Price,performance". Some people can afford better cards then others but all want to buy the best card for their money.
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