Need advice on SB0880 X-Fi Titanium

Hellow, world)
i have SB0880 OEM PCI-E X-Fi titanium
and windows 7 x64

and i cant make them friends.

device is working, no conflicts detected, but none of analogue jacks works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i cant test digital cause i lack reciever.

playback devices shows only S/PDIF and AUX
and NO speakers

recording devices shows FP mic, LineIn, and S/PDIF
but i've tried to record something and cant record even a byte))
record buffer cant get filled.
LineIn level is silent even if i shout in mic.

on the rear of card Optical Out glows with red...

my chispet is Intel x58, not nForce

i've installed drivers from official site (and updated too)
i've installed random DriverPacks from John or Jack or Daniel_K
i've disabled and reenabled device in dev manager
i pulled out and pushed it back in different pci-e slots
i rebooted...
and repeated that steps several millions times in random combinations...
the result is one - none of analogue jacks works!!!!


please, help me to find out correct solution from listed below:

1) there is an adequate reason for this and you have explanation.
2) CREATIVE became *** for cows.

Tnx in advance.
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  1. Test the hardware using a Ubuntu Live CD, try changing the sound settings from the control panal for playback & recording (normally you get some finer audio tweeks for input/output selection).
  2. please, read carefully! i gave a lot of info, and can say little more.

    there are NO tweaks, can fix THIS problem)
    in playback devices THERE are NO SPEAKERS!!!
    only SPD/IF and internal AUX.

    seems, that card works in SPDIF mode, and speakers device is not present.
    (not disabled, but DOES NOT EXIST at all)
    and i cant switch it back.

    none of creative utilites works,
    they write "the audio device supported by this application is not detected".
    but device is SB0880 and latest official drivers installed, updated, registred and rebooted 5 times with tambourine music!
  3. You've probably tried this but if you haven't, uninstall the utilities & drivers fully, then go into device manager and check to see if the hardware is uninstalled (also check the hidden devices to see nothing is lurking), if it isn't then uninstall the drivers fully then scan for new hardware and try and install the drivers manually (from the directories within the installer), do not install the utilities that came with the sound card (sometimes they conflict with the software/hardware configuration).
  4. done this, nothing changed
  5. *Makes joke above Creative's driver stability*

    So...basically, "Speakers" isn't even showing up in the Control Panel, so the output jacks are disabled. The SPDIF port is detected, and works properly...

    Make ABSOLUTLY sure all remnents of the Creative drivers are removed, then try installing the latest Daniel_K or PAX driver set. Other then that, not sure what to recommend; if the card itself can't detect the jacks, there isn't much you can do...
  6. Done. Cleaned everything. Installed latest PAX 3.10 PCIexp titanium driver.
    Same effect as with official drivers. Nothing Changed.
  7. I'd have to argue the card is busted then; if the analog jacks aren't even DETECTED, then there isn't much you can do on your end...
  8. I doubt the card is busted I am having the same problem with a win7 upgrade. It only plays 2 channels on my machine
  9. You have to download the damn patch that fixes this problem expand it, it tells you it didnt work (but it did) then run the driver again........ Jeez I guess building the correct driver in one shot was out of the question!
    I love my Mac Book Pro
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