Hard Drive Speeds Dropping to Half - Is It Failing?

I have a WD20EARS HDD that is about a year old, when copying files to and from it, the average speed is 80-110 MB/s in Windows 7. The last week or when copying a 8Gb file, the speed has been starting at 100MB/s for the first 10 seconds, then it gradually drops down every few seconds until after a minute or so it reaches and stays at 40-50MB/s.
I've tried it in other computers and the same happens, I've tried it copying to other 2TB's and it happens the same.
HDTune health is good and no errors on the full error check. Tried defragging too.
Is there anything I can do to fix this, should I be worried that it could be failing?
Any help is appreciated.
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  1. This is just my theory, but 8 gig is a large file. It's possible that it's spanning sevearal zones on the drive. The outer tracks on a drive pass under the read/write head faster than the inner tracks. You can see this on HDTune as it starts out at it's fastest throughput to slower as the test progresses.
  2. Maybe, but its never done it before and all I store on it are large files, before it just stayed at about 80MB/s throughout the whole copying.
    Would this maybe be a normal wear and tear thing after a year of use?
  3. Doubtful. It is a green drive and I know they have a variable RPM spindle speed. Maybe it's lowering the RPM to conserve power. When you check HDTune's health screen, does it show all properties as OK or passed? I know you said it was healthy, but didn't know if any of the attributes were out of spec, like reallocated sectors or pending sector count.

    Other than that, not sure why it would behave that way.
  4. It shows everything as OK. No reallocated sectors or pending sector count.
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