Best copy or model of 5870

as far as oc cards go i've gathered a opinion from one site that this is really the oc card to get

good thing for me too is that it uses two 6 pins so its a fool proof install
i'm 99% sure I got one 8 pin (its a 6 pin but has like a 2 thing on the side, im not really sure how u would install the 8 pin just plug it in either way?, i dunno)

so I really already know which is best oc wise... but i'm thinking just a stock priced card what is the best 5870 right now...
damn I wish i had enough for a 5970 lolz =)

from reviews this one in particular
im getting that this is really the 5870 card to get cheapwise..?
both gigabytes

I was really interested in the HIS's until I saw that the card doesn't really have a big heatsink.... this was a pretty big point one of the reviews I found said that.. HIS's 5870s don't really even have as big of a heatsink as the reference..

I was really looking for something more just basic reference so it blows all the air out the back the case (unlike the gigabytes right? the gigabytes send it all over the case?)
saw the xfx
not really a reference completely because fan spot but it looked like it was basicly enclosed.. started reading some of the peoples reviews and it turned me off lolz...

so i was wondering you guys opinion... go with the gigabyte or another suggestion? and is the oc'd edition worth the 499 considering the 480 is same price but a little better at tesselation? well i dunno about all that heat going into my case either so i'm really kinda steering clear but would it sound retarded to blow 499 on a factory oc'd gigabyte to 950 if i'm not willing to oc because of warranty? considering that the 480 is 499 right now too?
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  1. if going with the 5870, might want to go for the reference MSI or ASUS models that both support overclocking with a voltage mod AND both have OC-ing covered under warranty. I have my ASUS 5870 OC'd by quite a bit and the temps have not been an issue at all.
  2. You needn't worry about buying a factory OC'd card when it's possible to do it yourself. If you want the absolute best card the MATRIX 5870 is a fearsome one.

    The cheaper gigabyte one will OC nicely, and still remain cool as well.
  3. I agree with Shadow, like i said earlier, don't waste $$$ on a factory OC card as you can quite simply do it yourself. and might as well get one that has overclocking under their warranty, the ASUS and MSI versions i stated earlier are just examples, there may be others...
  4. I never knew you could oc cards and them still be covered under warranty =) that's nuts but doesn't the oc'ing process seem a little tiresome? i mean I know i'm a spoiled brat to a point by not wanting to go through the process but its more like I don't want to screw up oc'ing it and there goes 400 bucks down the drain
  5. fudge it I think ill end up going with the matrix I know im lame but I just don't want to screw it up and people run into problems when they oc like ive seen reviews say well the software they included made it so in 2d mode it was always running at his oc and thats not really good on the card... so basicly its just getting the most out of the 499 or 519 ill spend I guess..

    i'm such a wussy i wont even oc my 965 phenom II lolz I even got a cnps10extreme fan on it which voids the warranty but bleh so ya im a wimp lolz
  6. bleh no matrix for me it uses two 8pins.. i only have 1 lolz I was hoping for a direct cu edition t.t
  7. You can just use a converter. If your PSU has an 8-pin odds are it's powerful enough to use an adapter.
  8. it looks way sexy im telling you, i heard not to use power adapters on 3d card though
  9. i got a 650 w antec supply =/
  10. this is my power supply

    and i got this system specs

    phenom II 965x4
    cnps10x extreme
    biostar790gx a3+
    4gb ddr3 corsair xms3
    500gb hd
    about 6 fans throughout the case maybe a little more..

    could my power supply support this? considering I got 1 8 pin I wouldn't have to convert 1 I could just plug one of the 8 pins in and then use a converter for the other 6 pin to a 8 pin?

    from a review
    "Two 8-pin PEG connectors. These are mandatory to connect. You'll receive two 6-pin to 8-pin PEG converters as well should you only have 6-pin connector headers from your PSU. In the last case, seriously... it's really time to upgrade your PSU my friend, especially with a card like shown today. This is the enthusiast range of products."

    Ok so I could just plug my 8 pin in and use the converter for the other one but would it effect my performance in anyway? because if so might as well just get the regular asus card..

    or the 5870 oc from gigabyte its a higher oc factory and I don't have to mess around with anything and uses two 6 pin connectors... but at this price range
    20 bucks isn't going to make a difference so if the rog edition was actually going to be better in the long run I think I should go with it if the adapters wouldn't mess up the power fluidty or w/e
  11. 2 rails at 22A, and one at 25A. I think the CPU would be the first one at 22A, the 2x 6-pin would be the second one at 22A, and the 25A would be the 8-pin. An adapter would NOT harm a quality product like an Antec PSU. If the adapter does not work, the card simply shuts off. No damage.
  12. right but say i order it from newegg then they arent going to refund or exchange it for another product just trying to make sure it would work if i hooked it up =/
  13. It should work just fine. But newegg does do refunds, don't they?
  14. I never thought so I knew you could rma if the product didn't work but they would just send the same one back.
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