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I'm about to build a system with a Phenom II 955, should I use the themal paste

I've seen some mention of problems with the thermal paste in the box with the 955, is it no good, or just needing careful handling? I'm not going to overclock. Should I go buy a new tube of thermal paste? I don't actually have the cpu yet but it should be here in a day or two and want to be already to build.
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    Since it is a new build and you are not going to overclock. You can do without a thermal paste.

    But having it in there is not a problem as well.

    Best is build your PC, then watch your temps on load. If you feel they are going high, put some in.

    I recommend the Tuniq TX-3 or MX-3 for the paste.
  2. thermal paste it too close micro pores on the face of the cpu so if u do use it then its best too use a small amount (very small) and spread it thin. too much in most cases is worse then too little
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