Booting Trouble

I thought I'd throw this in here as my computer is a prebuilt.

Alright, basically a few weeks ago I was testing out rootkit software to find any rootkits on my system, and they all came up clean -- but I restarted my computer and restarted as it loaded and it sent me to a boot repair program build into the computer itself (diagnoses problems). And after thirty minutes, the program was still running, trying to fix the computer's booting process wen I got sick of waiting and restarted the computer.

Now all it does it start up with a black screen, with no video output. Did I obliterate my hard drive or what?
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  1. well this seems silly but have you tried another one lol?
  2. and yeah HDDs are easy to break I've got a history of corrupting and breaking HDDs.
  3. I don't have a hard drive on hand, but I'll strip one out of an old computer and use that. I'd hate to lose everything on it. =S
  4. seeing as an HDD issue seems likely I'm not going to tire my already tired brain with other possible senarios so please report back if you've tried ;).
  5. Unfortunately, the hard drive is snugly placed in downwards on the other side of the computer from when you slid the case door open. So pretty much it's hard to get to and I don't want to mess anything up.

    Would a booting disk or flash drive help in this case?
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