Need some advice on a new build

So heres my question

Asrock Extreme6 z77 mobo With i7 3770k. and 32gb ram

The Asrock has 8 SATA ports

2 SATA 3 on the intel controller
4 SATA 2 on the intel controller
and 2 SATA 3 on the ASMedia ASM1061 Controller

I Have 4 1TB Drives connected to the sata 2 ports that id like to run raid 10 (easy enough)

But heres the question Id also like to run 2 128GB SSD's in Raid 0 as boot now...

1. Is it possible to run 2 Raid arrays on the intel controller
2. If yes is it faster to have them on the same controller or on different controllers
3. Is it a bad idea to boot off the non intel controller?
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  1. I would recommend you put the 2 SSDs in the SATA 3 (Intel) and the 4 HDDs on the SATA 2 (Intel) ports. They will be 2 different RAIDs and since they are actually 2 different controllers this will be good to go.

    Booting off the non-Native SATA ports means loading the drivers at install. Depending on the OS being used, that could present some challenges.
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