P7P55D- E LX won't load anything

Just recently bought this MOBO along with an i5-2400, new G.SKILL DDR3 RAM, vortex 3 ocz ssd, and swapped my 6950 over. I've already run through the "PERFORM THESE STEPS" CHECKLIST and didn't make any of the common mistakes, swapped RAM around and reinstalled the CPU + FAN about 20 times and have spent about 5 hours trying to troubleshoot this but I've hit a wall. Basically, when I hit the POWER button, all my fans power up and the computer sounds like it's starting, but then nothing happens (Nothing on screen, keyboard/mouse doesn't light up, no hard drive noises, Nothing). My computer stays on but nothing loads. Really wish my case had speaker wires and I've already tried looking for any internal LED's that would give me hints but nothing.

I really have no idea what to do at this point, any advice?
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    I5 2400 is an socket LGA1155 CPU! Your motherboard Is an socket LGA1156! Those two Items are not compatible with each other.
    You will need a socket LGA 1155 motherboard, may I suggest a P67 board
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  3. Wow I am retarded. Good catch man, Thanks!
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