Why are my fps so low

Hello, i have a gforce 9600 gso but recently my fps have been dropping soooo low its making ut almost impossible to play games. any one got any sugestions???????
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  1. Run a virus scan, then unplug your internet and disable your antivirus, and some unnessicars background stuff when gaming. A defrag couldn't hurt either.
  2. What has changed since it was running well?
    Have you recently updated your graphics driver? If yes, try rolling it back. If not, try the latest driver.

    Is it possible that your fans have accumulated dust, making parts hotter. graphics cards and cpu's will slow down to protect themselves from heat.

    Use the task manager performance tab to see if there are any other tasks competing for cpu or ram resources.
  3. We need more info here...

    1. Make sure all of your components are free from dust.
    2. Make sure you PC is free from virus.
    3. Do not run scanning on the background while you're gaming.
    4. Did you update the driver before this problem exist? If yes then roll back the driver.
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