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I have just bought a toshiba 2.5" HD for my pc. This is a relacement for the old drive that is 665 days old.
The new Hard drive is 5400rpms, but my old HD is 7200rpms.

My question is why it takes 1min 12sec to boot up the 2.5" HD, and my old one take 45sec.

remind u the old one is 665days old, but still works.
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  1. check the specs of both drive the read and write time of the 5400 must be slower that why it took longer to load
  2. Why did you buy a 2.5" HD for your PC? The 5400 drives are quite a lot slower you should only use them if physical space is limited e.g. in a laptop.
  3. If I threw a baseball to you at 70mph and then threw it to you at 50mph, wouldnt you expect it to be slower?
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