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Hey guys,

I'm wanting to add a 1GB AMD 4850 video card to this system and was wanting opinions on whether the power supply was big enough. Existing specs are 300w PS, 2.3ghz Phenom x4 processor, 8GB DDR2 memory, 750GB HD, Current video, audio and ethernet are on the motherboard.

I'm buying a new computer (1090T X6) and the 4850 is coming in it. I want to put that in the old computer, buy a better one for the new computer and use the old tower as a dedicated "Folding at Home" machine. I plan on putting the DVD drive from the old tower in the new tower as a second optical. Basically strip the old machine of anything that would draw extra juice. I'll probably turn off all of Window's bells and whistles, and pull some of the memory out too if FaH doesn't use it.

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  1. You existing PSU will surely be inadequate in handling your new rig.. You surely need a new one and that too from a good brand.. Now it all depends on your budget.. A good 550W PSU will surely be enough.. Corsair, Antec, Seasonic are trustworthy brands to choose your PSU from..
  2. I figured as much... thanks for the reply.

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    A qulity 450W PSU with one PCIe connector is a good choice for running your system. If you go for a 550W PSU with two PCIe connectors you will be able to do CF with two 5770 if needed.

    Here you have some unexpensive good options for you:

    ANTEC High Current Gamer 520W (by Seasonic)
    ANTEC Earthwatts green 500W(by Delta)
    CORSAIR VX450 550W (by Seasonic)
    ENERMAX Liberty Eco 500W
    SEASONIC S12II Bronze 520 W
    COOLER MASTER Silent Pro M 500W (by Enhance Electronics) (modular)
  4. I ended up scrapping the idea of a whole new system and dedicated FaH tower. Money was the deciding factor. My wife gets a faculty discount at the University, but they couldn't get 6 core systems.

    I decided to just upgrade the existing system. I just bought a Phenom II X4 3.4ghz (965) processor, an Antec EarthWatts 650w PS, and a Sapphire 1GB 5770 video card.

    That should give the old girl a swift kick in the pants over the 2.3 processor and HD3200 graphics processor it did have. I'm adding a 120mm case fan too. Need some more air moving through there.

    thanks again for the replies,
  5. All good parts. Just out of curiosity did you check that the PII X4 965BE is compatible with your motherboard? Not all AM2+ boards support AM3 CPU's
  6. Yep, this one does. They released a bios that made it possible a while back. What I really won't know for sure till it gets here is whether it will support the PCIe 2.0 video card I ordered. I've heard it both ways. The motherboard an MS-7548. The video card has a 780G chipset which does support 2.0, but the "2.0" isn't claimed on any spec sheet I've found on google searches for the 7548.
  7. You should not have any trouble with 2.0 card. HP just thinks that is redundant information to list it with the Motherboard. I am actually surprised they released BIOS update for AM3 support and then do not list it in upgrade options.
  8. Quote:
    You should not have any trouble with 2.0 card

    Good deal. I might be able to play Fallout 3 with a decent frame rate now.
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