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  1. There are few very detailed and accurate PSU calculators.. Like the one available at the antec official website (www.antec.com).. Btw, a good 650W PSU should be adequate for your current setup and will have headroom for any future upgrades (a true quad core, and/or a more powerful video card etc.).. Check out the Corsair TX 650 and the Antec EA-650.. If you've the budget, you may straight away opt for a 750W PSU.. I'll recommend the XFX 750W Black Edition in that case..
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  3. Avoid the CM GX650.
    Go for the units that have been recommended by Davcon and Emperus.
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  5. Anonymous said:
    on the antec site it says 745 w ... i wanna upgrade in future

    650w+ from seasonic, xfx, corsair, antec is more the enough to run your PC and the ATI 4890 in crossfire

    your system as is won't break 350w during gaming
  6. I'd get a 650-750W PSU, preferably one from Corsair or Seasonic (there are some other good ones too - check jonnyguru.com for really detailed and good reviews)
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