First build will not post

I have build a pc for the first time and when i went to switch on i would not post and i had a continuous beeping

I have tried a different graphics card and different Ram i have also tried booting with just one stick on Ram in slot 1 still continuous beeping

mb - GA-P55-USB3
CPU - i5 750
Ram - G.Skill Eco DDR3 2gbx2
GPU - xfx radeon hd 5770
HD - Samsung 1TB F3
PSU - OCZ 600W modxstream-pro
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  1. what beeps are you getting and what do they mean?
  2. Check Beep codes in mobo manual to amke sure, but continuous beep usually means RAM issue.
  3. a long beep
    says a graphics card not inserted but it was and i have tried with a different card still continues
  4. maybe a dead pci slot
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