Antec 902 vs. the new HAF 912

*I don't think there's a thread comparing these two cases yet.

Well I was pretty much settled on the HAF 912, even order a set of one 200mm and two 120mm extra fans for it.

However the antec 902 went on sale today and actually comes out a couple bucks cheaper after rebate... it's one of the other cases i was considering.

Anyone have any recommendations between the two? They both look pretty good

*note, I will be using an 11'' video card.,1516&PropertyCodeValue=2958:19209&bop=And&CompareItemList=7|11-129-058^11-129-058-TS,11-119-233^11-119-233-TS
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  1. The price difference should make it quite clear as to which one is better. The 902 is a great case. This 912 thingy is new to the market. Haven't heard much about it. But after looking at the features, the 912 seems a good one for customizing and has more space than the 902.

    So the 912 seems a good choice to me.
  2. both are good cases but the antec is better and comes with more fans
  3. I'll tell you this much since i have a 902 the construction quality and build is first rate.
    Look at how much each case weighs that tells you something imo.
    Also the 902 comes with 4 fans including a nice 200mm top exhaust and they're all 3 speed adjustable TriCools.
    The case has great cooling and does it quietly.
    Not even close to being a fair comparison.
    The HAF 922 is its competition.
  4. Well like I said I already bought 3 new fans incl a 200mm, all of which will fit in the 912 adding it its existing fans, so i'm really not worried about airflow.

    Also the 912 has PSU intake on the botton w/ a dust filter for it.

    With that bottom dust filter, removable cooling plate behind mobo, and after I install the extra 200mm and two 120mm fans that I've already got, I'm thinking the 912 would be a better setup.

    Strong video review:
  5. get the case with the looks you like the best, seems your decision is already made anyways
  6. ct1615 said:
    get the case with the looks you like the best, seems your decision is already made anyways

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