Hi can someone help m choose a mobo for my i5 2400

Hello,HI ppl can you please help me figure out assemble a computer!!!?
Well these days I'm really getting into the world of sound and video editing. So I want to plan little ahead if I'm buying an assembled PC. I wanna use it for atleast 8yrs from now..
Here's the config. thats in my mind--
Core i5 2400s sandy bridge
1TB Hitachi
2x2 GB DDR3 Corsair
The engineer suggested me an Intel 61WWB3 motherboard as it is much cheaper but it has no firewire and USB 3.0.
Can someone please help
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  1. The biostar H67MU3 is around $67 shipped at newegg. If you don't plan on overclocking or don't need dual video cards, it will work fine. I use the onboard video with my setups; check for dual video options; most of these boards have it but the motherboard manual will tell you. Take five minutes to download the manual off biostar's website. Don't rely on others for information. You can get it yourself. My biostar works great; had one for 1156 and have one for am3 now. Newegg always has 2x4gb ram on sale. $75 is a good price. I use gskill ripjaws with my biostar.
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    Why the 2400S? It's primary benefit is a low TDP. and it is slower than other $200 sandy bridge cpu's.

    What is your time frame? This month should see the launch of motherboards with the Z68 chipset.
    This will give you the integrated graphics and quick sync(for video encoding) along with the overclocking capabilities of a P67 chipset.

    For a long term cpu, I suggest the 2500K which can be overclocked to nice levels.

    Also look at a 8gb ram kit(2 x 4gb). Ram is cheap today. Get the cheapest kit that is supported by your motherboard. Faster speeds and fancy heat sinks have little value.

    For a long term motherboard, look for one with 6gb sata capability. In time, the prices of ssd's will plummet, and only a ssd can make use of 6gb sata today. For lots of work, it will be the hard drive that limits performance. At least consider a small ssd for your OS and apps. 64gb would be a minimum.

    Do not spend too much extra on trying to make a PC last 8 years. In two or three years, today's top performers will be laughable. Put some of your budget aside and plan on another upgrade in 4 years.
  3. Thanks a lot addict...that was really helpful. Well earlier i thought of buyng an expensive ram bt now i change my mind..i'll go for that 8 gigs:)

    thanks once again
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  5. hey geofelt,
    i ignored the ssd thing. I just read about it. You mean i can use a hdd and a ssd together n this would boost the computer?
  6. layman_10 said:
    hey geofelt,
    i ignored the ssd thing. I just read about it. You mean i can use a hdd and a ssd together n this would boost the computer?

    Yes you can with a Z68 motherboard.
    The result will be faster than a Hard drive, but slower than only a SSD.
    Good stuff.
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