New SSD, low speeds?

Hello I've been running some performance checks on my comp recently and noticed my SSD is running slower than advertised. I figured it wouldn't run at max speed but thought it would be faster than this. By the way this is my first ssd so be gentle XD

The ssd I have is:

Here is a link to a screen shot of a test ran today. And I set my comp to ACHI mode in the bios before I installed windows 7

Any advice on how to speed this up a bit would be much appreciated.
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  1. what your full spec.
  2. You need change IDE to AHCI, because you can see the "pciide-BAD".
  3. I've already changed it into AHCI mode before I installed OS on the drive. And when I looked into doing the regedit the value was 0 and not 3.

    Asrock 970 Extreme 3
    AMD FX 4170
    GTX 550ti
    8gb of 1333 ram

    lemme know if you need anymore information.

    Was trying to update firmware but didn't seem like it did update
  4. Double check in the BIOS.

    "pciide-BAD" means that your drive is in IDE mode.
    You need to see some thing like "MSAHCI - OK" or "AMD sata-OK" means that your drive is in AHCI mode.
  5. Found out how to fix that I switched the sata port I had the ssd plugged into to the first sata port and if fixed the pciide bad error. Still thought speeds should be faster than they are.

    heres a new screenshot
  6. I dont want to be a party pooper but are you connected to a sata 3,2 or 1 port ?
    if your not connected to a sata 3 you will not see anything higher than 250-300
  7. my mother board spec say it has all sata3 ports sorry i didnt link it.
  8. Make sure you put your sata cable is in this slot
  9. yea thats the slot I switched it to to get rid of the pciide bad error, any other thoughts for the speeds to go up?

    thanks for the reply.
  10. make sure you downloaded the newest amd chipset drivers. also a lot of the ssd test using all ones or all zero test and not a mixed test. also hdtune can read the ssd info and show you if the firmware been updated.
  11. I just find out that your SSD is Async NAND, mean low speed. And here is link for review:

    So you can't do anything to get good score for that. I will say get the good SSD like SAMSUNG 830, Crucial M4, Intel.
  12. ah that makes sense then thanks for finding that. As far as updating the firmware though its not letting me. Keep gettting an error. I downloaded the updater tool and files from their site and I'm matching the correct signature numbers.

    FATAL_ERROR: Firmware download failed with error: (ECode:00000057)
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    I think the firmware (C3G) you have maybe is the newer one.

    If the SSD is fine you don't need to update the firmware, I know some companies don't have good support online. You can google to see what the other ADATA user say about the SSD. Good Luck.
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