Crashing In-game

There can be several reasons why such crashes would occur- the most frequent is overheating.

Can you list your CPU and GPU temps when this happens? There are several programs that can help monitor and record temps (i don't have links on me, i'm at work >.<)
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  1. Hi, I had a question about my computer. I would only assume this problem I have has to do with the video card but it may not. When I am sometimes playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 on my computer, the game will randomly freeze up...and then basically crash. My monitor will go black and say no analog, as if I shut down my computer, and then other times my screen will change into a million crazy colors. Also, If I have my sound turned on through my headset, I can hear a constant crazy electrical like sound, sort of indescribeable. If anyone has any clue about this problem, any type of comment would be much appreciated.

    My computer specs:
    ATI Radeon XFX 4890 HD
    Corsair XMS3 4gbs ddr3
    Phenom x2( I have quad cores enabled, this cpu has an unlocked 2 extra cores) 3.1ghz BE 550
    XION Power Real 1000W ATX Power Supply
    Sata ATA 200gb hdd
    M4A79XTD Asus motherboard

  2. The PSU is fine, i only have 400W on C2Q Q6600 and 9600GT and works perfect. It might be CPU & GPU overheat, try using speedfan and riva tuner for a fan speed up, or try reinstalling system.
  3. I am not entirely sure what the heat of the components are WHILE this happens....but i believe my cpu idles at about 47-50c. The thing that scares me is, my friend has an identical case and cpu but his cpu idles at about 28 lol. The computer case I am using now is somewhat of a heat bot so I would DEFINATELY suspect unadaquate heat issues. The question now is, how can I be definate that this is the culprit?
  4. Ok correction, my friend does NOT have an identical computer case...I meant to say motherboard. I appologize
  5. Your PSU is not recommended brand. XION have issues with noise and regulation which can result to un-explained freeze-up when the PC / GPU are loaded.

    Check the XION review on I don't expect the 1000W model to do better.
  6. I mean when I read that review I dont seem to find a real logical explanation for the writers reason for degrading the unit. I can't really fathom what makes this unit so much different from other PSU brands when on paper they are all the same. Maybe im missing something here, thank you for the reply
  7. Ok, I definately think I may have a heat issue. I decided to try a few little test, and one that I thought of was trying to grab a normal house fan and directly blow it into the PC with the side panel off while putting the computer under some heavy strain. Tada!, No crashes and no problems, everything ran smooth. So I guess the best thing to assume would just be heat? I have a very very VERY cheap 10 dollar case that I got on sale about 3 years ago off of tigerdirect so I guess it would not be a bad idea to invest into maybe a full tower or adaquate cooling case?
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