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can you please tell me where the l4 cache is located
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  1. As far as i know, no commercial chip has a L4 cache. Even if it did, it would within the motherboard or chip.
  2. The largest size cache consumer CPU's currently have is the L3 cache.
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    can you please tell me where the l4 cache is located

    The only machines I know of with an L4 cache are some older IBM multi-socket Xeon servers, the last of which was the 440 series with the Summit chipset for the Gallatin Netburst-based 32-bit Xeon MPs. The L4 cache was part of the chipset.
  4. yq know if this were like a take home test question and the instructor wanted you to think about it on a current system that only has L3 cache. Well if you think about it, what would you consider L4 cache. Ram, Virtual ram, or your HDD are your choices students. lol
  5. btw, there was an itanium hedon or heron core (something like that) that had 32mb L4 cache on die
  6. The L4 cache is located here

  7. Many text books do ever expanding levels of cache, my microcomputer systems book listed Remote storage as L6 cache, but it also only believed that CPUs had L1 cache onboard. L3 cache in older systems would have referred to the RAM or main memory, and since CPUs now have L3 cache onboard, RAM would become your L4 cache as far as a text book would be concerned.
  8. yeah, we get it, who cares, this is why it is more fun to program then it is to be a hardware engineer imho
  9. Technically, I guess the L4 cache on most PC's would be main memory, but focusing on the CPU itself, only a few CPU's have an actual onboard L4 cache at the moment.
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