Help with Motherboard connectors + Card Reader

Okay, i bought a $9 Card reader the other day, cheap as hell, but eh.
now ive built my own system so know how to install new hardware, but this is something ive never seen before, ive mounted the drive fine, and thats all good.
but it has 4 cables coming out the back, and ive narrowed it down to the 4 possiblities. 1 is firewire, 1 is USB, 1 is audio, and the other is the different card readers.
the CR is here the 4 cables each have ltitle cables at the end.
like so -
Cable #1 - Gnd, Mic- IN, Mic- BIAS, SpkoutR, returnR, returnL, SPkoutC
Cable #2 - (1)Ground, (1) -D, (1)+5v, (1) +D
Cable #3 - Gnd1, (these 3 are all joined) VCC1,USB1- USB1+
Cable #4 - TPA-, TPA+,GND, TPB+, VCC, TPB-

so yeah, no freaking idea some of thse mean.
my MOBO is ASRock 880G Extreme 3

DOesnt matter if this doesnt work, its only $9, but would like to seee if possible.

Is it possible to connect it up? or do i need to buy another?
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    Yeah everything should connect up.

    Your motherboard seems like it has all these connectors. 2 Cables are probably USB, 1 is audio and the other firewire.
  2. so if 2 are usb then which are the "Card readers" or do they 'talk' to the mobo as a USB interface?
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  4. Nevermind, i have it all sorted. thanks anyways.
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