How to build pc for watching movies

what is needed to build a good pc mainly for watching movies (dvd and blu ray)
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    depends how cheap you are looking to go?

    You can do it easily for $400, or you can spend $800.

    $400 would be AMD motherboard with 6150 geforce video built in ($70), Athlon II x2 240 ($50), 4gb DDR2 memory (2x2gb - $85), Blu-Ray drive ($60to$80), spinpoint 500gb harddrive ($50), and any case&400watt power supply combo you can find in the $60-$70 range
  2. so you dont need anything real high end for processing the video
  3. It will be fine for bluray... it will be terrible for gaming. Certainly an actual video card would be alot better for both. It depends o nwaht you want to spend...

    Also I should specify I assume your using a regular computer monitor is a DVI connection.? If you're considering outputting this to like a 40" plasma tv or something, this wont be very good.
  4. i am using a 24 inch samsung monitor and wont be hooking it up to the tv
  5. Sorry, but I doubt the Geforce 6150 on-board graphics will handle Blu-Ray. You'll need a motherboard with at least an ATI 3200 on-board (ATI 780G) or Geforce 7050PV (NVidia 630a) chipsets.

    -Wolf sends
  6. i see i guess i will be doing some research thanks for the help
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  8. Or you could go the route we did and redeploy something else. We upgraded a computer and took the 'old' CPU/mobo/RAM for the HTPC. Then bought a $30 HTPC cooler master elite 360 case, a 530-watt rosewill green series power supply $50, a $70 HD 4670 graphics card, and a $50 blu-ray drive.

    The CPU is a 4200+ dual core with 3 gigs of DDR2 RAM.

    It's running at 720p, and can play several games like batman arkham asylum maxed. (Stuff you'd play with a controller is generally what runs fine and is run)

    But for just playing blu-ray, you could even use an old single core computer as long as you have a graphics card and the software to do the decoding mainly on the GPU.
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