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I build a system back in 2007 that has been working amazingly well up to tonight.
I have room for storage in my case and I added a Western Digital 2TB WD2002FAEX as fast storage drive. As soon as I connected the drive I could see it in drive management. I formatted it. It took 6 hours, of course. Then in MY COMPUTER, I could see the drive fine. I open it, closed it on the desktop. Everything seemed fine. I restarted the computer. The first time the drive didn't show up anymore; a drive I had successfully formatted in disk management. And now it won't let Windows XP SP2 start. WHen I disconnect the drive, windows starts fine. I've tried several times, each time I connect he drive the computer doens't boot. As soon as I disconnect it, windows XP starts normally.

Mother board is ASUS P5W DH deluxe

What is going on?
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  1. Have you checked the BIOS for the boot order? If not you my want to check to be sure your primary (OS) drive is listed before the newly added drive.
  2. I guess I could check that?
  3. I went into the BIOS, couldn't see my C drive, and my new WD drive. Besides the new drive and the C drive I had another storage drive, small and old. I disconnected it and suddenly my new drive is fine and works fine. So it could be an issue with the mother board? but now with only the C drive connected the New WD 2B drive works fine. Still, I'm not happy with it. It's an amazing drive I could see at which speed it wrote a 5 Gig video file I copied from an external drive, amazing less than 2 minutes. But I was hoping that the playing would be better. I'm using a codec called CINEFORM and in the best viewing option it's jerky. I thought a fast drive would improve that. I must have some other bottlenecks in my old system. I'm going to have to bite that new bullet and build a new system, I guess. Thanks for our help. Philippe
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