$1000 build, buy?


This is the final build that I have come up with for my 5870 gaming rig. If you have any suggestions please feel free to ask.

Wireless card:
Arctic silver:
CPU cooler:
case & psu:
GPU & processor:

Total: $1,010

Is there much point getting a cpu cooler if I am not going to overclock at first?
Anything that I am missing?
Is it easy to install case lights if I get some?
How would you rate this system out of 10?
Good crysis graphics at full hd?
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    You have a HDD, DVD burner, mouse and OS, right?
    If so everything looks good.

    You can drop the tube of Arctic Silver. That AC Freezer 64 Pro CPU cooler has excellent MX-2 thermal compound pre-applied to the bottom of the heat sink.
    It's easier to install the aftermarket CPU cooler at the initial build than to un-install the stock cooler, clean the CPU and then install an aftermarket CPU cooler later, possibly having to take the motherboard out of the case. And the AC Freezer 64 will do a better job cooling even without any overclocking.

    Crysis maxed graphics at full HD? I don't think so. But not far off, probably 'Gamer' settings.
    Rank about 8.5 out of 10 in performance. About 9.5 out of 10 for value.
  2. Ok thankyou very much for the fast response.

    yes, I already have a cd drive,os, mouse and Hard drive. I will take the cpu cooler and arctic silver 5 off the list to save even more money!
  3. You could take the combo deal for a X4 955 3.2Ghz and same HD 5870 video card - save $20 without really affecting overall performance. You'd not really notice the .2Ghz difference between 965 and 955.
  4. ok thankyou will do.

    Is there another motherboard for the same price which has 2x16 pci slots as I just realised that mine is 2x8 as I may want to do crossfire in the future.
  5. x8/x8 Crossfire really is pretty good. It's better than the M4A87TD EVO which does x16/x4.
    ASRock 890FX DELUXE3 890FX $155 has full X16/x16.

    I actually like that ASUS M4A89GTD PRO you first listed. The difference in dual x16 vs dual x8 is not a major factor IMO.
  6. Ok I will just go with the one I listed before thankyou.

    Does the first one I listed have enough pci slots for a crossfire setup and a wireless card?
    Can you do a hybrid crossfire with two other cards in crossfire to make it a kind of tri crossfire?
  7. is coolmaster a reputable psu manufacture?
    Is 750w enough for 2x5870?
  8. Your wireless card is PCI so you'll probably use it in the last PCI slot on the motherboard. It won't interfere with a 2x 5870 CF setup.

    ATI Hybrid Graphics would let your HD 4290 IGP on the motherboard Crossfire with up to a HD 4350 video card, and only 1 card. It won't work with the HD 5870.
  9. The CM GX 750 isn't the best 750W PSU, but it's not a terrible PSU either. And 750W is about the right amount of power for a 2x 5870 CF setup.
    Cooler Master GX 750 W Power Supply Review
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