Is a geforce 9800 better than a 8800 ?

Hello, I am going blind looking at video cards. I have a hp, 4gbs ram, 4x1800 amd, 3x1tb sata, (i don't think they hold up to scsi...) and a piece of junk onboard gfx. The most important thing to me is the card must be a pcie, I have a pciex16 available, and must be able to run a hdtv at 1920x1080 and a 24" at 1920x1200 at the same time. My dell 600m has a radeon 9000 and it does this flawlessly. I am looking at a pny 8800 gts with 786mb the pacific geek has for 100$ a 9800 with 1gb that pny has at its website for 130$ ot maybe even someting like the evga geforce with 1gb for 50$ that tiger has direct has. Oh and it must work on windows 7 64, xp pro 64, and linux 64.

I would like to be able to do some gaming, but do not need the best in show for that ;-)

Please advise.


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  1. 9800GT, GTX and GTX+ all have a newer version of the processor that was on 8800GTX 768mb. The 9800GTX+ and the newer version of that card GTS250 are a little bit faster than 8800GTX. The 9800GTX about the same speed and the 9800GT little slower. The 9800 cards are more energy efficient.
  2. you can get the Nvidia GTS250 512mb off newegg for under $90 after rebate, just makes sure you have a solid 400w+ PSU to run off the cards.
  3. Assuming standard clocks, GTS250 > 9800GTX+ > 8800GTX > 9800GTX > 8800GTS (512MB/G92 GTS) > 9800GT = 8800GT. The problem is all those cards 8800GTS and up are all the same card. The 8800GTX is slightly different due to the memory bandwidth but the GPU part is the same. The only thing different about them is the clock speeds. The 9800GT is the same as the 8800GT. Its on a smaller die so its either clocked a bit higher, or more energy efficient. They both have the same 112 shaders and are identical.

    8800 GTS with 786MBs of ram? Sure its not the GTX? If its the 8800GTX, thats the best performing card. The 9800GT isn't far behind and if you have a weaker PSU might be your card. A $50 Geforce doesn't tell us a lot, but its probably junk.
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