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is p67 compatible with a mere s-ata DVD drive that I Bought for $45? It's LG product and does not tell me the speed. Should I connect it to SATA 3~6 port or Sata 1~2 Port?

BTW is there a difference between ports sata 3~6? Because my hard drive was not recognized in port 5,6.

I'm also confused with the network port p67 has. It has a metal bent outwards, which is blocking network cable from being plugged in. Should it be pulled through I/O panel, or should it be pushing I/O panel from inside?

Lastly, I'm not getting my internet connection. I would like to know if it is because I did not install the software drive for the motherboard or it is a problem of something else.

Damn internet service providers had ditched my appointment with the technician and now I've been unable to use my upgraded computer for a week because I have no clue of what's what. Thanks a lot for your assistance.
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  1. Any SATA 3GB for your DVD. Ports 5 and 6 might have to be enabled in BIOS so will your Ethernet controller and it is necessary to install the motherboard drivers for all this to work.
    I do not understand the metal thing on the port are you talking about the IO shield?
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