Help with add-on AGP card for Dell Desktop


I'm after help with adding an AGP graphics card to my Dell GX260 desktop that has the Intel 82845 chipset as listed here

The AGP card is an add-on DVI card which is an Silicon Image Sil 164 as shows here The card appears not to be a full AGP card, but what is called an add-on card, which is new to me.

When I insert the card Windows (XP) does not seem to recognise the card at all, and according to this I can add one of these cards to be able to connect my DVI monitor.

Im using Windows XP Professional.

Can anyone let me know if they have succesfully done this and what drivers you have used to get it working?

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Just out of curiosity why did you not go with a GPU for your AGP slot with DVI out. Something like this
    That would have been a more powerful solution.
  2. Hi, thanks for your reply. I mistakenly bought this add on card very cheap on Ebay thinking it was a complete AGP graphics card and would 'work'. It is only for a low end Dell PC which I have built as a spare. I would like to get it working if I can, but ultimately I will buy a full AGP graphics card. Thanks.
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