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Amd athlon ii x4 640 vs amd phenom ii x4 955

I'm looking to build a budget system, but I'm stuck on the cpu choice. I know the obvious difference is the lack of L3. However, on a performance scale for gaming/multitasking how do these two compare? Does anyone have a link where I can see the performance differences?
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    Here are several benchmarks comparing the two processors:

    I know it's the X4 635, not 640 but I guess they haven't benched the newer chip yet. Results shouldn't be too different though. I'd say you wouldn't notice too much of a difference unless you're doing really heavy encoding tasks etc. There shouldn't be too much difference in gaming performance aside from that caused by the different clock speeds.
  2. Ya, I'm just wanting to be able to play games at high resolution on medium settings.
  3. atleast 1600 though I prefer 1920. I will say this I only really play mmo's anymore. Most my singleplayer/shooters games are done on a console.
  4. Ok, how about at stock speeds?
  5. Ok, ya it's just I've never done an OC before. One last question how much of a difference do you think having an L3 cache makes for clock speeds of 3 ghz and up?
  6. Ok, was just trying to justify spending the extra money on a phenom ii if the L3 cache really made a big difference. However, if it's a small difference I can easily use the saving for a better GPU to.
  7. Ok, thanks. Guess all that's left is the mobo and a better GPU then.
  8. zephyr948 said:
    Ok, thanks. Guess all that's left is the mobo and a better GPU then.

    If you need any advice on the above then feel free to post on these forums and someone will gladly help you :)
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