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I am wondering about the heatsinks on the 5770s and not sure about brands completely, I have had an xfx 7900gt for a few years now and after years of great performance out of it, the fan has died and it may have been about 3 years or so. I am purchasing these off and just wondering if the price justifies the quality on these two.

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  1. HIS cooling solution is good but they do not offer the dual lifetime warranty in North America like XFX.
  2. Hmmm, dual lifetime warranty is rather awesome...was also looking at the MSI hawks and wondering but it has a 3 year...
  3. xfx is bad? x.x
  4. Both the ASUS and the MSI have got good comments in here.
  5. It is nice but would end up costing me about the same or more then the xfx card, because I'd pay sales tax :(
  6. now that is interesting
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