Micro SD Card ( SanDisk) Deleted Partition accidentally Please help

Hi, I was formatting my pc because i had virus & i left my microsd card inserted into the computer, accidentally i clicked delete partition on the microsd card instead of the laptop hard drive and it deleted my partition on my sd card. Now when I plug into the computer, it asks me to format, it wont format, when i click on the drive, it says to insert disk into sdcard even though it is inserted and it shows 0 bytes used and 0 free bytes. Please I dont care about the sd card, I only need my files on it, I had all my tests on it and I need them by tomorrow, please someone help me..
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  1. If you reformatted (or unformatted in this case) the SD card, then the data on it is lost.
    You may be able to use a data recovery program to get it back, but I am unsure if it will work since SD cards dont "physically" record data.
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