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My problem is that my wireless runs seamlessly at home, it connects when out of the house (at a library or Starbucks, etc.) but there is no Internet connectivity. I can have excellent signal strength, but cannot connect to the internet. I run windows 7 on a gateway nv79. my wireless card is a atheros ar5b93. Any ideas?
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  1. Quote:
    Power-off/on the WIFI router when possible, try again.

    If nothing, login to the admin page of the WIFI router and see if the internet gateway is connected.
    If not get ready for calling your ISP.

    If the gateway is up, try connecting using a cable
    If that works, re-config the wireless section - first start with no encryption.

    Hello Laptop Nomad, thank you for your reply. I have tried powering off my wireless card on my laptop, but remember, I'm talking about what happens when I'm outside of my home, therefore I cannot power off/on anyone else's router. This also means that I cannot login to the admin page. when I tried logging in at a library, I had good signal strength, just no Internet access. When I plugged an ethernet cord into the library system, I had no problems. It has been suggested that a virus can cause the wireless card to block access to the internet and I tried scanning the computer with a large number of virus scanners, to no avail.
  2. right click on my computer
    device manager
    network adaptors
    click on the cross sign
    drop down will appear
    Right click on the wireless drive
    uninstall and restart the laptop
    when laptop rebooted
    go to start-network connections-Right click on wireless icon and slect view network connections
    now ur the wireless page will open and on the left hand side u find refresh tab click on it and u will get the list of wireless connections select the wireless connection and click on connect at the bottom right.
    now check.
  3. Raja-27, thanks for your input. this too I have tried previously. I followed your steps and quickly reconnected to my home router. Since I live in an apartment building in NYC, I can try to connect to other routers (at least 12 others appear on the list of possibilities). I am unable to connect to any other than my own.
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