Flashing Bios for gigabyte p67a-ud4


Is it bad that I used @bios once? I had that reset power boot issue and found a Bios update from gigabyte. Didn't do my research at the time and use it to update it. Little did I know, I just read the gigabyte guide thread. SMH @ myself and my noob ness.
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    Welcome to Tom's Forum! :)

    Bad no {@BIOS}, best no; however with DualBIOS you're safer than most. If you successfully performed @BIOS then there's no difference in the outcome -- it's flashed.

    It's safest to use Q-Flash with a FAT-32 formatted flash drive with and the most safe is with an UPS {battery backup}.
  2. Thanks for the welcoming.

    I appreciate the response. At least its working for me. I was kind of concern about it after reading the guide and googling it after.
  3. Q-Flash just reduces the 'OS' Variable. Also, before flashing Load Optimized {GA} or Load Defaults other MOBOs -- again less variables.

    Good Luck! :)
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