GTX 285 temps

Hi i just got my GTX 285 and it runs at about 45-47c idle and 77-80c when in games, ive noticed most games it will cap at 77 tops at 50% fan speed.

But i was playing dow 2 and left the game on the hero select screen then went down for my dinner, came back and the temps sky rocketed to 87c witht he fan at 100%!! I was AFK and on a sub menu! even in really big battles 3v3s with all max unit cap ive never seen them temps before. Anyone explain this?

Also can we have some guys link their temps up so i can compare?

My old 9800gx2 was above 90c nearly all the time even at idle it was 70c so its much better but i thought they ran cooler?

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  1. Hmm, did you update your driver with the latest one?

    Did it happened on every games? or just dow 2?
  2. I've noticed that some games will do this for me as well, generally on titles of lesser quality.

    The best I can tell, it happens because the FPS increases a lot during the menu screens, because the game has much less to render, so it increases the amount of FPS, which seems to increase temps more than when a game has a lot more to draw, with lower FPS.
  3. Yes drivers up to date, its only happend with dow 2 up to now, mass effect 2 runs smooth but its not a demanding game either.

    FPS increase shouldnt heat up the card or make it work faster should it? I thought cards get stressed when the fps is going low?

    Its a very weird bug imo.

    Anyways still no temp posts, does anyone own a gtx 285?

    Please post some temps cheers
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