Gotta good deal

my friend is selling me this motherboard brand spankin new for 200 bucks

Questions: What kinda ram should I get ?

What kinda CPU should I get ?

Will this mobo fit my case ?

trying to spend at most 500 total

I'm bringing over my corsair psu 650
and my EVGA GTX 460

it's a crazy mobo should I get a faster psu?
dont think ima make it a 4 way or a 3 way sli. maybe 2 way in the future.

is this rig too much for gaming? thats all I ever do on my computer :)
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  1. Why do you wantused X58 for $200 when you could have P67 "NEW" for less than that?

    Too much for gaming, um no, actually the p67 platform with a $220 cpu destroys the x58 platform in gaming, even with a $1000 i7-990x.
  2. He's selling it to me brand NEW! he hasn't even opened it yet. he wanted to build a new computer but had some financial problems and now he wants to sell it.

    Hey can you please give me a link to a good gaming motherboard sli if possible and a good cpu that will be smooth when running any new game out there?

    and ill probably get it ahaha
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    i5-2500/2500K is $220 and is the best choice for gaming. If you want to spend another $100 you can get the i7-2600/2600K, which has a little more cache, a slightly higher clock speed and hyperthreading.

    Both cpu's (K version) will overclock to 4.5-4.8ghz. The K models are the unlocked versions.

    Any SLI certified P67 motherboard would work and some 1.5v DDR3-1600 dual channel memory.
  4. GREAT! thanks for all you're help. I appreciate it. :D
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