Antec 902 or CM 962 II Advanced?

Looking for some quick advice, will build a new rig over the next month, looking at these 2 cases. Any pros and cons from anyone who has either? Antec is on sale for $65 but sale ends today. If I'm going to get it then I need to do it tonight. I can't tell from the pics, are there holes for ventilation on the bottom of the case for the PSU? Does it matter?

Thanks in advance..
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  1. For $65, yeah grab the 902.

    Also consider a HAF 922/932.

    Do note: I'm kind of bias toward the Antec 9xx as I won one ;).
  2. The 902 does not have holes in the bottom of the case, but I don't think it matters.

    I have three 900's, each mounted with the PSU fans facing the inside of the case. Under as heavy a load as I can generate, the PSU exhaust air is no higher than about 3 C over ambient temperature as measured with an electronic cooking thermometer.

    However, I am operating my PSU's (Corsair 750TX and 550VX and Antec 550 watt TP3) pretty conservatively at no more than 60% of capacity.
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