System won't POST

Here is the problem :

Powers up but no beeps, no signal to monitor, no lights on keyboard (USB) but all the fans are spinning aswell as DVD tray opening and closing. I've tried all steps on the troubleshooting guide but problem still persists.

Here are my specs :

ASUS p5pe-vm motherboard
Intel Dual Core Processor
7600GS 256mb AGP graphics card
700 watt PSU
2GB Kingston DDR ram
1 DVDrw
1 DVD rom
160GB Western Digital HDD

Any ideas ?
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  1. Power supply?

    Who knows, it's very old, could be any component that died.

    Maybe it's time to upgrade?
  2. I've tried my power supply in another machine and it works. I'm starting to think that it could be the MB as I would imagine an error message if it was the CPU
  3. same thing has happened too me befor was always something simple mb grounding
    or a loose cable even reinsert vid cpu
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