Phenom 2 965 + raid5

I was curious to know if raid 5 will work well with this CPU. I read that raid 5 puts a lot of strain and could cause things to slow down, rather than speed up.
This is my first raid build, going to be running 4 HDD's on raid 5. I wanted to make sure the CPU is capable of handling it well without a raid controller.
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  1. I tend to not trust any onboard RAID unless its Intel since every onboard Intel RAID I have had has lasted me a long time with no problems.

    I do not know what they use for AMD since AMD doesn't have their own RAID systemm but the CPU shouldn't get bogged down by it. Its just the quality of the onboard you will have to worry about. I have had plenty of non Intel RAID chipsets or AMD mobo RAID chipsets (normally done by a third party) fail for my customers so I rarely tell them to go with a RAID.
  2. Well, I have an Asus m4a89td Mobo. I don't know how to figure out what raid controller it has. If I can't find it on google somewhere, is there a way I can tell in bios or something?

    Looks like AMD might have started making their own RAID controllers. I haven't had a chance to mess with them so I cannot tell you if they are reliable or not.
  4. Well I guess I'll take my chances with it, since there isn't any word of how good it is yet. Thanks for your help Jimmy.
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