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i am looking to spend 500 on a new pc want to play stalker cop on high settings can get a mid end gaming unit for that but what would you guys say im in the uk
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  2. I'm no expert but I've been doing a lot of research for the last couple of days and from what ive seen, £500 gets you very little in terms of a gaming PC.

    I've got a rough idea of what I want, and it's going to cost me around £1100. And it wouldn't even be a high end system, that price is with me building it myself aswell.

    Basically I dont think youll get very much for £500. You might get a decent prebuilt system for around £700-800 but it probably won't include a screen / keyboard / mouse or even an OS.
  3. What components do you need? Assuming it's just the case and what's in it, this is what I'd suggest:

    CPU: AMD Athlon II X3 440 3.0GHz £62

    Mobo: MSI 770-G45 £50

    RAM: Kingston DDR3 2GB 1333MHz i5 Memory Module CL9 1.5V £41 Will be easy to add another set later when you have a bit of money. Meanwhile you will get passable performance. Better to just start off with one 2GB stick as even after you go up to 4GB you will still have the further upgrade option of going to 8.

    GPU: Palit GTX 460 768MB £150

    Case & PSU: CoolerMaster Elite 330 With CoolerMaster Extreme Power Plus 460W £56

    HDD: Either of these:
    Samsung Spinpoint F3 500GB
    Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 500GB

    Optical Drive: Any SATA DVD ~£15

    OS: Windows 7 64bit Home Premium £79

    Total: £496
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