How to add solid state harddrive to laptop

Hi, I have a HP Envy 17-3277nr. I want to install a solid state harddrive into my laptop in what i believe is a second drive slot.
I would like a cheap-ish, small solid state harddrive.
The problem is I've looked over the users manual (maintenance manual) and I have absolutely no clue what it means.
Can somebody tell me if I can and show me some solid state harddrive to consider? (ones that fit in the laptop)

Thank you!!

EDIT: Link to manuals:
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  1. Are you sure that you have a second drive slot?

    I see nothing in the specs or sales configurations to indicate that. It does appear to support an 80 or 128Gb mSATA drive, but not an additional full 2.5 inch drive, although you could swap out the current HDD for a SSD.
  2. Theres an open slot between the current harddrive and the battery. I'm pretty sure another one can fit there. I'll take a picture of it after class (in college)

    Also i found this:
  3. Ah, yes. I looked at the spec sheet again and on page 3 it seems pretty clear that it supports a second HDD or SSD. Not sure how I missed that on the first read, but it clear that it supports two drives and an mSATA drive.

    Open the case when you have time and see if it already has a bracket (looks like a small cage) in that location. You will be able to fit a standard 2.5 inch 9.5mm drive in the extra space according to the specs, so pretty much any current SSD will fit fine and work. You best bet would be to install the OS and key programs on the SSD and use the HDD for storage.

    Additionally, it does support an mSATA drive so you always have that option too.
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