A 5750 is ok for my system...right?

I think that you should be you'd be fine up to a 5770, maybe a 5830 maybe anything over that you probably start to see performance hits

if you can or are willing to overclock, then of course your options are extended depending on how far you'd be willing to go
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  1. Hi people.

    Last week I was about to get a 5750 from XFX but i had to spend the money on something else...It's gonna be some time until I get the $129 again... Something poped, I'm not sure if my system will take all the advantage of this card, or the card from my system...here are my specs:

    Mobo ASRock G41m-S Socket LGA775
    CPU Intel Core 2 Duo E7500 @ 2.93 GHz 3MB L2 Cache
    PNY GeForce 8800GTS 640MB XLR8 Edition (died, using a 7200GS SOC)
    RAM Corsair XMS2 4GB 800Mhz
    HDD Western Digital Caviar Blue 500GB SATAII
    PSU Antec TruePower Trio 550w SLI Ready
    Display AOC 17'' 1280 x 720
    OS Windows 7 Ultimate Edition 64-bit

    I think this card is OK for my system, what do you guys think? what is the heaviest card that this system can handle without bottlenecking or causing some other troubles ( power or sth else)????
  2. Your system is good to run HD5750. Save more money and get HD5770, since the 5750 and 5770 prices aren't too far... :)
  3. Agreed, and later down the road save a few more bucks and get at least a 24" monitor so you can let that card be all it can be. A 17" monitor is your weakest link in that setup imo...
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