"Don't Unlock AMD 1090t" Msi

I have been having some issues with my new build. I recently sent MSI a email asking WTF is going on with there board.

I recently purchased your Mb at Fry's electronics and have had nothing but issues. After installing Windows 7 on my computer I kept getting bsod after bsod. I took it to Frys to have them diag my build, and they replaced everything but my Mb. So I returned it and put it back together. Things were working well I was installing all the needed drivers that came with the Mb. I installed the AMD live update program that checked all of my drivers and said I needed to update my BIOS. I choose the update version that works In windows. After installing, the computer reset and everything seemed ok. I went back into the BIOS and chose to unlock the and 1090t core and that's when everything went down hill. I had to repair my Windows startup 4 times, and when it finally started to load up windows it would either bsod or just freeze up. Even after I turned off core unlocking it still messes up. My cool n quiet is on but doesn't work, and I can't even install a new version of Windows.

WHAT DO I NEED TO DO? it seems like this board just went bad like the previous board.

MSI Said...

For your 6core CPU, have no use to unlock the core.
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  1. My question is the same as MSI's. The 1090T has 6 cores (there aren't any more on the chip to unlock) and it's got an unlocked multiplier. What are you trying to unlock?

    EDIT: Using core unlocking features is for chips that have disabled cores, like an X2 or X3 based off of an X4 chip. There are no, repeat no disabled cores on the 1090T.
  2. I think you should just plug everything in and then if it runs, leave it alone. There is no reason to attempt to unlock a 1090T, or any processor for that matter.
  3. I knew there wasn't any cores to unlock. I just thought it was meant to also allow better overclocking settings.

    Granted im not the type to turn overclocking settings off of auto. Pretty crazy how selecting unlock core = Enabled fries a board. X-)
  4. No, you just made the thing really confused on what it was supposed to do.
  5. did u try to clear your CMOS? That might help
  6. It has an unlocked multiplier, but thats it, the unlocked cores are for the dual core and 3 core Phenom II
  7. btw, unlocking attempts also void warranty.
  8. ooops, never mind
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