A blu-ray drive that doesn't require additional software purchase

Does anyone know of a good/decent blu-ray player or writer that comes with software (not a trial but a full blown install). I had a blu-ray drive for my old computer that I had purchased but it required additional software aside from the oem drive. Needless to say, I returned the drive because it said nowhere on the Newegg page for the drive that it did (or did not) include any software for use with it.

Anyway, anyone know of any? I just want to know about any and all that include software (so you don't have to purchase a $80 license to be able to play blu-rays on your $40-$50 drive...). :P
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  1. Doesnt exist.
  2. Quote:

    Which is against the ToS. Grats.
  3. http://www.videolan.org/vlc/index.html



    Plays bluray for free
  4. $40-$50 drive < they are oem that is why the low price and no software.
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