Drive is not reading Dvd9 discs

Hi guys

here we have a very crappy discs or drive i don't know which fault

anyway most of the drives here stop reading DVD9 after a while of working what seem to be the problem

i tried cleaning the lens tried more than one drive
it seem that drive hate Golden dvd9 the most
is there any solution to this ?
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  1. Most CD/DVD drives have a preference for only a few specific brands of media, and these brands are often listed on the drive maker's website.

    So I would try a different brand of dual-layer disc, preferably a familiar and quality brand. I've never heard of the 'Golden' brand so they may be of dubious quality.
    I only ever use Sony or Verbatim brands, but I must confess they're only single-layer. Dual-layer are too expensive for my needs, I'm not into recording movies which is what they are typically used for.
  2. sorry for the lack of feed back

    i'm not using a brand
    the dvd 9 discs are factory made games
    all of the new games i bought isn't being read by the driver neither on this samsung one nor on the laptop Toshiba
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