Will far cry 2 work with ati x800gto

will far cry 2 work with ati x800gto
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  1. http://kotaku.com/5034666/far-cry-2-pc-specs-revealed

    I'm sure your card is not strong enough to play that game with smooth performance...
    What about the other specs? CPU? RAM? Monitor?
  2. No it won't Far Cry2 needs at least Pixel shader 3.0 video cards and the X800 GTO is 2.0 so it won't work.
  3. I wait for the day that my 8800GTX acs3 card wont run a new game. I love to see technology improve but it hurts to know a video card you paid hundreds of dollars for can no longer meet minimum specs.

    You will want to consider sometime in the near future building a new system with a pci-express slot to take advantage of the new cards out now. If its over only 1 game, you can put it off a while but the time is running out for your current system. You have gotten your moneys worth from that system. =D
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