My system specifications are:

Pentium D 2.8 GHz
2GB RAM 800 Mhz
nForce 630i/7100 Motherboard (PCI-E 1.0a slot)
9500 GT 1GB DDR2
550 Watt Power Supply

I would like to upgrade my graphics card to a GTX 260 or a HD 5770. Please suggest me one to run all the games on my PC. Ill upgrade my CPU later.
Can you also tell me if the PCI E 1.0a slot can support any of the two cards which are 2.0 and 2.1 respectively.
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  1. You will not notice any improvement from your current graphics card. That processor will bottleneck anything else.
  2. ok ill upgrade my CPU first to a quad core. But can you atleast tell me which card is better to play all games at max GTX 260 or a HD 5770 and will it work on a PCI-E 1.0 slot (nforce 630i motherboard).
  3. HD5770 would be a good upgrade from your 9500GT, but make sure you get HD5770 2.0 version and NOT 2.1 version...
    But, like shadow said above, upgrade your cpu first. :)
  4. please note that all HD 5000 cards are 2.1. They are just 2.0 compatible. So does that mean I cant use a 2.1 card in a 1.0a slot. If no, then will a gtx 260 work which is 2.0.
  5. Ok perhaps I was wrong.

    But you did not answer my question: will a gtx 260 or a HD 5770 work which are 2.0 cards in my 1.0 a slot
  6. all 2.0 cards will work in 1.0 slot.
    2.1 cards sometimes fails in 1.0 slot.
    So, play safe, get 2.0 card... :)
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