Need help with cpu fan choice

Sorry for the repost, I am new here and couldn't figure out how to change the thread title or even if you could. Again I am asking for any help to which cpu fan is better for my system? I have a q6600, over clocked to 3.2, an Abit IP35 pro mb, 4 gig corsair 6400, and a 9800gtx gpu. Any help or thoughts on this would be very appreciated. Thanks guys
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  1. I'd say the Cooler Master Hyper 212+ would be your best shot, its cheap yet affective and will give you a fair bit of OCing room. Neweggs price is a ripoff at $48, though Amazon has it for $30 and MicroCentre for $24.

    Hope that helps, Good Luck.
  2. Look at Frostytech, They review CPU coolers, They have a great database of coolers.

    They have a list of the top 5 coolers in cooling and noise.
  3. Thats not a flaw but rather proper testing procedures. If they changed the paste then they would need to go back thru every cooler ever and retest other wise the newest latest greatest paste would make a so-so cooler look good by comparison.
  4. Frosty's is flawed cuz they don't test on real platforms using cpu's.
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