Corsair H50 or Thermaltake Frio for 4GHz?


I haven't really been able to find much information about these two coolers going head to head, but I want to know which one is better so I won't waste my money on one of them. I will be cooling an i5 750 and I will be overclocking it to the 4GHz and beyond mark, so I would like to know which will be the best at this. Thanks.
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  1. Okay, but do you have anything to back it up? Posting a link and then leaving doesn't help much...
  2. here is the latest frostytech chart, it has the Frio ranked 4th, the H50 is quite a bit farther down.

    In general the H50 is beaten by much cheaper conventional air coolers so its not a good deal.
  3. Whew, I don't think a 6C raise in temps is worth paying extra for, thanks for that man. I'm gonna go with the Frio, considering it's only 60 bucks for killer performance.
    check it out mugen "jack of all trades" with some better numbers than the frio while being cheaper
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